Natalie McMillan Jewelry is a small, independent fine jewelry line designed and handcrafted in California. While fine jewelry can sometimes feel inaccessible or exclusive, Natalie McMillan Jewelry is a line that gives women the option to wear fine jewelry without pretense.  It is luxurious, but laid back in true California style.  It is jewelry meant for a woman to buy, love, and wear for any and all occasions.  These are absolute jewelry staples that feel special and unique to our customers.  Our pieces take them through their everyday lives, their ups and downs, special moments and hardships. Without frills or intimidation, Natalie McMillan Jewelry is truly everyday fine jewelry.  

A note from the designer: 

"Most of my life I have felt a bit out of place, like I've never really fit into the right mold.  My line stems from a place of wanting everyone to feel included. Fine jewelry can sometimes feel so untouchable and exclusive, and I want women to feel completely comfortable in their jewelry, knowing that the piece they're wearing was made to make them feel like themselves. Everyone deserves a piece of fine jewelry that they can take along the wild ride of life with.  I want you to have a piece of jewelry that feels like it was made just for you, a piece you never want to take off.  You are seen, you are celebrated, and I am so honored to have you wear my jewelry!" 


Natalie McMillan's love of jewelry began at a young age, asking to get her ears pierced at 5 years old, making her mom beaded necklaces in preschool, and always looking for ways to sneak around the "no jewelry" rule at her elementary school. She earned an art degree from California State University Fullerton. It is here that she studied jewelry making under the instruction of Christina Y Smith.  After returning to her hometown in Northern California, she launched her line (originally called Bumble + Bolt Fine Jewelry) in the summer of 2016.