14k Rose Gold Emily Bangle

14k Rose Gold Emily Bangle

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The 14k Solid Rose Gold Emily Bangle is a perfect addition to ANY outfit.  Dressed up or dressed down, this bangle goes with absolutely anything.  With comfort and wearability in mind, this bangle is super lightweight.  Every bangle is made individually, making no two exactly alike.  Stack them up, wear them on their own, or wear them with your favorite watch.. they're versatile! Refer to the sizing guide under the "about" section to determine size. 

*please allow 1-3 weeks for manufacturing and shipping, as each piece is handmade to order*


My Emily Bangle was named after my incredible friend Emily, who I’ve called Caral since we were in 8th grade. Growing up, I probably slept over at her house more than my own, and every night before we fell asleep we would end up laughing hysterically at one thing or another. Every time we’re together it’s the same old Caral, and I love that about her. She’s super smart, super tall, and is the most Capricorn Capricorn I’ve ever met (we’re talking color coded organizational planners). She's my partner in crime, practical jokes, classic horror movies, and late night cereal, and she’s the best. Years ago she gave me a bangle for my birthday, and the Emily Bangle was my way to make one of my own.