14k Rose Gold Jackie Studs

14k Rose Gold Jackie Studs

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Wear them to work, wear them to a black tie event, wear them anywhere! The Jackie Stud is a super versatile pair of earrings that can be worn with pretty much anything.  They're big enough to make a statement without being overly obvious, and small enough to be comfortable enough to sleep in. Made of solid 14k Rose Gold with 14k Rose Gold posts and backs. 

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These earrings were named after one of the best human beings on this planet, my remarkable friend, Jackie.  When I was the new kid in 6th grade, we had to do an "about me" presentation where we brought items into class that described our personality.  I brought a random assortment of things, including an Incubus CD.  When I sat back down after presenting, Jackie's eyes lit up as she told me she too, was an Incubus fan (spoiler alert: no one else knew who Incubus even was).  I knew from that moment on we would be friends for life.  Over a decade later we were talking and I said, "at what point did you know we would be friends?" Her response? "When you brought the Incubus CD to 6th grade."  She is pure magic with the palest skin, the reddest hair, and the most sparkling personality of anyone I know.  She is kind, hilarious, quick, and absolutely brilliant (not to mention fully bilingual).  Beyond that, she is accepting of others in whatever way they want to present themselves, and embraces everyone's uniqueness with open arms.