Sterling Silver Casandra Hoops

Sterling Silver Casandra Hoops

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These sterling silver hoops are a great way to wear hoops without the weight! Their braided design gives an illusion of heaviness while actually being incredibly light and wearable. Posts and backs are also sterling silver. Every pair is handmade from start to finish. 

*please allow 1-3 weeks for manufacturing and shipping*


Casandra is my gorgeous friend (although she goes by Casey) who you will ALWAYS find in a pair of gold hoops!  This pair was inspired by her and the long blonde braid you'll also always see her sporting.  She works as a personal trainer and has transformed so many peoples lives in terms of how they view themselves, their health, and what is important to them. She is an incredible friend who is kind and caring and who uplifts and inspires so many people.  All who know her love her as much as I do! Her strength (both physical and mental) is unparalleled and having her as a friend completely changed my life for the better.