Sterling Silver Madeline Earrings

Sterling Silver Madeline Earrings

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Chic, understated, and a touch of fun, the Madeline Earrings are an incredibly comfortable pair of studs that can be dressed up or down for truly any occasion.  They are the perfect pair to wear to the office, or out on the town! 

*please allow 1-3 weeks from order date for manufacturing and shipping*

Please allow 1-3 weeks from order date for manufacturing and shipping


Maddie and I became friends the moment I walked into our preschool.  I actually cannot remember a time in my life when Maddie wasn't around!  We grew up together, side by side.  From preschool until college, she and her family lived around the corner from me, and I can even remember their phone number (it has been the same for the past 20 years, and I hope they never get rid of it).  I'm so lucky to say that I've been able to watch her grow, thrive, and become the woman that she is today.  Now, she lives in Washington DC, where she is on track to become an absolutely incredible lawyer.  We joke because when Legally Blonde came out, Maddie announced that she wanted to be just like Elle Woods when she grew up.  But in reality, she's not Elle Woods.. she's SO much better!