Sterling Silver Samantha Necklace

Sterling Silver Samantha Necklace

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Natalie McMillan Jewelry's Signature Piece and Best Seller!  This delicate sterling silver necklace features a textured circular pendant on a delicate sterling chain. It is, as always, handcrafted and made to order! It is super comfortable for every day wear.  Once you put it on, you'll never take it off! Pendant measures approximately 3/4". 

Please allow 1-3 weeks for processing and shipping, as each piece is handmade to order


Sometimes it's weird for me to call this the "Samantha" necklace, because it is named after my childhood best friend who I've exclusively called Sam my entire life.  This was the first necklace I made and still remains my best seller!  It came about while Sam and I were hanging out in my studio (AKA my garage at the time) and she mentioned that she wanted me to design an every day necklace that she could wear with everything, including the scrubs she wears while working in the OR at the hospital.  So I came up with this very simple and comfortable design and it took off!  She, along with everyone else who has the Samantha Necklace, wears it with everything and it always looks amazing on her!